Thursday, 14 January 2016

Step one creating a new me

Lifechanging ebooks I read

Larger Breasts without surgery: I've always had my insecurities and now I decided to do something about it. So I started with this program and I already see some results. 

Dive into male psychology - Something I thought impossible started making so much sense. It's really extremely simple, like when you realize that you can't meet your special significant other because he prefers to "chill at home". 

Get your husband. - I've never been a one night stand girl, or even a serial dater. This book is an eyeopener to how easy it is to find someone who wants the same.

It has been a while since the last post. I was struggling with life decisions. Some of very crucial decisions of my life. I will not say that it has all been sorted out but I am feeling better. Felling better because I have decided to help myself, help my body, my brain and overall be a better person.

I have been reading a lot of self help material from books, magazines, internet and I have come to a conclusion that sitting here and reading/ thinking about it is not going to change anything. I have to take 1 day at a time and really work on things.

I want to be healthy AGAIN, happy again and also want to be one of those people that everyone around is jealous of and everyone on internet wants to be them !!

I have made a plan on piece of paper and I am ready to go with it. But I want to post and publish because I want the story of my journey printed and always with me so I can come back and have a look at it.

First and foremost thing I have to do is quit alcohol. I was social drinker back in the day or maybe I was hiding under this notion. But now, everything is out of control including my alcohol ! I have finally put my foot down and decided to go cold turkey ! It's been 3 days and I am feeling so much better ... I have joined reddit's subreddit stopdrinking and folks there are immensely supportive and help to get through cravings.

Life is not hard, our circumstances make us do things. Things that are wrong, things that are not acceptable, things that we should not be doing ! I hereby announce that hence forth, I will have full control on my life. No more binge drinking just because I WANT TO. I will be doing a 30 day challenge with myself. Starting today :
1. No alcohol
2. Eat healthy/home cooked meals ONLY
3. 5K run every day ( which I am actually doing already but I do miss lot of days)
4. Be positive - It is very fascinating how everything around you just becomes brighter and cheerful once you make up your mind to be positive.
5. Read everyday
6. Meditate for at least 20 minutes a day

So for today's breakfast I had green smoothie:

Cucumber+mint leaves+broccoli+lettuce+coconut water : made in vita mix ! It might sound gross to some people (as my co-worker!) but tastes good :)

For mid morning meal: I had some sweet potato (baked)

For lunch: I had a vegetable soup, I made myself.

I am making this blog post during my lunch break, but I have 2 small cucumbers for mid afternoon snack and same green smoothie for later this evening (yup ! working late again)

I plan on working out tonight. At least half an hour on treadmill.

There are many websites out there and many blogs about being healthy and how to get started etc etc. I have read almost every source out on internet regarding the same but I still was never content with the information. One reason was I am normal simple girl and have massive food cravings, i love beer and something just wasn't right !

SO I decided to consolidate the information and decided to start my own plan. The only thing I discovered was, I was not content because I was not ready. My mind would ask me to look for information here and there and everywhere but I as a whole: body, soul and mind, was not ready. I cannot emphasize how much it matters to be ready. One morning I woke up and my body, soul and mind just cried out for help and that was the day when I actually knew I was ready.

To start with, first thing I did was went to planet organic (store that sells everything organic here in my town). I bought some vegetables for salad and that is it. I didn't overdo it at all !! All I started was with having a salad or fruit in every meal along with the regular food. I did it for 1 week. The surprising part was after that one week, all I wanted to eat was salad and fruit and healthy stuff. I also went alcohol free for weekdays and just tried to have a glass of wine only on the weekends.

Here is the list of things that I changed for one-two weeks :

1. Be ready. Your body, mind and soul should all be in line
2. Try to clean your pantry. I am not saying throw out everything. Remember moderation is the key.
3. Do not jump into it !!! Try to tell yourself that you will add salad to every meal and a fruit to every snack for a week or two.
4. Try to eat organic vegetables and fruits.
5. Try and control your alcohol consumption. If you want to have a drink, try to stick with glass of wine.
7. Every day look into the mirror, have an eye contact and say, "I am brave and smart. I love myself the way I am and I will not let anyone take me down". Self love is very important.
8. If possible watch some food documentaries. Hungry for change is a good one and available on Netflix. Here is the link to their website:
9. Always carry your food for the day with you. If you do not have anything to eat, you will for sure but it.
10. Drink water or organic tea (without cream or sugar please).

I am on week two, I have not cheated at all except for a slice of pizza last night which was homemade from scratch by me. Funny part is my boyfriend who is a food lover also loved the pizza. I have never cooked with so much passion before. Try to make all your meals at home.


  1. Good luck. Wish you all the luck in the world

  2. Keep it up, you can do it girl

  3. Brave decision, he who dares wins

  4. I'll go the same way, just try your best not to give up.